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I’m going insane over Google Play!

Ok, i’m starting to go insane. It’s been a month and I can’t get over this crap… What crap? Oh, sorry. It’s about Google Play not allowing me to install Cortana on my shiny Huaweii phone. It keeps saying “not

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I miss you, Cortana! :(

It’s been five months that my elder daughter broke my Lumia 650 by accidentally dropping it into the kitchen floor. It was dead instantly. Nothing to salvage, maybe the battery… I’ve been mourning it for a while, but since I

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Eclipse Darkest Dark… finally!

You might remember, about a year ago I’ve posted about my mission to make Eclipse’s dark theme actually usable in Windows… Well, turns out I wasn’t the only one, who decided to put some effort into this. (Quite a shocker,

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… and then, stuff happened.

Yep, obviously I’ve failed my own blogging challenge. Oh, well. Nevertheless, even trying it made me write more entries than i did in the last three years alltogether. So either way, I’m satisfied. So, what happened? Stuff… umm, yea, obviously.

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Geek with children

Seems like it’s time to dedicate a blog entry to my two little girls. Why? Because when I talk about them, most people – except those, who already have children – instantly think that just because the girls take a

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CloudFlare ON

Apparently it was simpler than i thought – now my site is running with CloudFlare! One unexpected and quite useful side effect of this is that suddenly I see detailed metrics about the site – unique visitors, percentage of cached

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Did I just fail my own challange?

Yes, I’m talking about the “30 day blogging challenge” I made up for myself. Well, technically yes…. aaaaand… no! Yes, because I did not write a blog entry yesterday and no, because regardless, I’ve spent a considerable percent of my

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Hacky New Year!

I feel I’ll get back to the video topic I’ve started with the previous post, but this time I want to share something I wanted to for some time now – to be more precise, since January. So yeah, in

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I want to vlog badly, but…

… i suck with making videos. No, seriously. I already created a ton of family videos and from time to time i need to realize i screw up something. It’s either the focus or the lighting. If neither, it’s the

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My most successful private project?

I don’t even know how many years ago, out of pure fury and rage, an idea was born… Nah, not that idea, this one wasn’t iNSANE at all. I’d rather call it desperate. So I was busy converting some videos

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