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This post is just a quickie. Caffeine’s clearing out of my system and I still have a couple of Overwatch matches to play (that’s how I roll nowadays: when i can’t drink any more coffee, I turn to adrenaline instead!). No, seriously – I just wanted share a few things which I’m planning to unfold in the upcoming days.

  1. The site will be in English from now on – this time, for good. For all those, who raised an eyebrow on this, i have one secret to tell: if you limit yourself to Hungarian sites, you’ll miss out on things. A lot of thing. Big things. Sorry folks, this is my decision and it’s permanent. Love it or hate it.
  2. The hashmark’d numbers from the post titles are gone – they felt cool, they felt geeky, now they have served their time and it’s time to wave goodbye to them.
  3. Site revamp – hell, it needs one. The style is crappy, the content is old, the archive is half-done (more on this later), the speed is awkward at best. Also, I’ve reached a point where I actually start to use this site for something normal or just dump the whole damn thing and let it rot in peace, archived to my cloud storage. 🙂
  4. 30 day blogging challenge. This is the real deal. I’ve decided that starting from 1st of April, for a single month at least, I’ll write a post about something I feel post-worthy. And I mean posts, not Tweets. (Well, WordPress will generate tweets for the posts anyway, but that’s another story.) There we go, consider this a commitment. Like the page, follow me on Twitter and make me want to do this. (Oh, what a load of commercialized crap…)
  5. GitHub – another important thing. I have some code to share, some stories to tell. In the past, I made tutorials centered around a lot of bla-bla-bla and with some snippets of code. Even though I love writing tutorials, this always kept me unhappy in a way and after some time, it made me itch. I literally felt writing articles with all that text as a burden. Now i want to share CODE with less bla-bla-bla. And for this, I’ll be using GitHub, not the crappy Downloads menu we have in here. Coming soon.

One more thing: transforming stuff takes time, so the site will be in this half-English state for a while. The old posts probably won’t be translated at all.

Bear with me. Stay with me. See you soon.

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