My most successful private project?

I don’t even know how many years ago, out of pure fury and rage, an idea was born… Nah, not that idea, this one wasn’t iNSANE at all. I’d rather call it desperate. So I was busy converting some videos and I was already nearly fed up one way or another with all the free converter tools available. One contained malware, another contained loads of ads. Then another one was restricted to one output format. Another one looked ok, but you couldn’t save your settings and had to reconfigure your conversion parameters every time. The next one was slow as a pregnant sloth. And so on… So i ended up with ffmpeg, which is a command line tool and such as, not really user friendly. This was the point when i decided to implement a frontend for ffmpeg. I wanted something that is user friendly and can easily run my favorite ffmpeg commands on a batch of files at once. This is what I’ve ended up with:

iNSANE EasyFF v0.3
iNSANE EasyFF v0.3 - the current version

You can create command templates, save them, load a group of videos and execute the commands on them. Including the graphics (which are taken from some public domain source, then altered to my liking), it was an afternoon’s worth of effort, no big deal. So, why do I call this little tool my most successful project yet? Well, considering how many hours it has been used, I’d say, it has something like a 100:1 use:development time ratio, which is pretty cool, given that currently i’m the only one who uses it. 🙂 Currently the source code is in a hacked-together state and looks so bad, I just don’t want to show it yet, but after some cleanup, I decided to share it on GitHub under LGPL license. Oh, and I have some new features in mind…

Anyways, for one, I’ll definitely keep using it, because thanks to my two little girls and my lovely wife, there are always plenty of videos to convert. 😉

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