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Apparently it was simpler than i thought – now my site is running with CloudFlare! One unexpected and quite useful side effect of this is that suddenly I see detailed metrics about the site – unique visitors, percentage of cached content compared to uncached (and by “cached” I mean content cached by CloudFlare). Just a few examples of the statistics available:

Request statistics
Request statistics
Unique visitors
Unique visitors

What is even funnier is that apparently CloudFlare takes some steps against stopping certain attacks to your site, and you can also set it up to stop hotlinking of your images, etc.

By taking a look on these stats, I’ve just realized, how badly the site stands – oh well, I made two posts during the last two years, what did I expect? Also, by turning the site into an English one, I’ll probably lose a few of my readers (if there’s anyone left). I’ll need to find new ones, if I want the site to mean something.

How? Here comes the topic I’ve hated so far… It’s called SEO.

Obviously, I’ll have to add more content too. New articles incoming! 😉

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