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Seems like it’s time to dedicate a blog entry to my two little girls. Why? Because when I talk about them, most people – except those, who already have children – instantly think that just because the girls take a considerable amount of my free time, are ultimately killing the geek guy that’s me and instead, turn me into somebody whose only purpose is to change diapers and wake up in the night to soothe crying kids. Yes, they need a lot of time, a lot of patience. You could even say blood, sweat and tears or something dramatic as well. However, they are unbelievably fun at the same time! Ok, ok… let me explain what I personally mean by “fun” in this context.

To be honest, even four or five years ago I couldn’t imagine myself as a father. I was living the life I wanted – good job, own flat, car, beautiful wife, lot of friends, parties and it was fun. I could stay in front of my PC as much as I’ve wanted, I’ve spent nights with coding or gaming together with Ildi (that’s my wife’s name, for those who don’t know it yet 🙂 ). And then, one day, she told me I’m going to be a father… and about nine months later this little creature arrived to our life. We named her Nikolett or Niki for short. She was crying a lot, eating, pooping – you know, baby stuff. She made our life a hundred time more complicated, stole our days, our nights, made me say “No thanks.” to nine out of ten party invitations, eventually made both of us give up on playing World of Warcraft, etc.

Now, about three and a half year later looking back I see how Niki has changed our life and I don’t think I regret anything! I’ve sold our flat and took out a loan to buy a house with a nice, cozy garden, because I wanted Niki to have a safe place to be outside and play a lot. Obviously unless you’re a millionaire, having a house means you’ll have to do maintenance stuff as well. As a side effect of this, I learned about a side of me I didn’t even know it existed – turns out I’m pretty okay with tools, be it gardening or using wood to build furniture. Last summer I bought a lot of various tools I’ve needed and this summer I’m planning to finish my own little workshop. As I’ve noticed, doing something like this is pretty good – not just for your health, because it makes you do physical activities, but apparently “no-brainer” physical works clears out my mind. Spending a few hours in the garden clears my mind and when I sit back to my PC, I’m full of inspiration and energy.

Now that my other daughter has born, I have even less free time, but having two children is another adventure I needed to experience. Seeing them getting to know each other, becoming the best friends (even though the little on is only six months old, she clearly shows how much she enjoys her sister’s company), having a lot of fun with them is just so damn relaxing, that it feels like nothing can make me angry or nervous now.

So to sum things up – they took some of my free time (mostly from gaming and partying) and instead, made me laugh more, move more, eat healthily, sleep more (damn, those little witches have so much energy I can barely keep up! 😀 ), drink less alcohol, be more patient, be more inspired, learn new things about myself and my wife, etc. From whatever angle I’m seeing this, it’s a trade that I’ll never regret! Oh, and yeah, sometimes they make you forget about blogging… 🙂

Aaaaannd… here comes the next part: they look like to you like you were an idol or something. They love you and love whatever you do. They want to do the things you do. They want to be like you. Oh well, who am I to stop it? 🙂 Just take a look below… 😀 PC Master Race for life! 😀

Niki watching Jayztwocents building a PC with his daughter
Niki watching Jayztwocents building a PC with his daughter

Damn, I can’t wait to help her build her first PC! 😀

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