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… and then, stuff happened.

Yep, obviously I’ve failed my own blogging challenge. Oh, well. Nevertheless, even trying it made me write more entries than i did in the last three years alltogether. So either way, I’m satisfied. So, what happened? Stuff… umm, yea, obviously.

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#0318 – Ouch!

Sajnálatos módon megint úgy rohan el a hetem, hogy csak pislogok – ezúttal is, mint oly sokszor, a munka az oka + egy nem IT-jellegű project, amiről csak pár ismerős tud egyenlőre. A hétvégén tervezek kódolgatni kicsit, addig meg ráérős

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What the …

A die hard coder's blog about basically anything slightly related to programming, gaming, IT, etc. Stuff I've experienced, opinions and rants, written in mostly a caffeine-happy state of mind. Oh, and some articles too...

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