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My most successful private project?

I don’t even know how many years ago, out of pure fury and rage, an idea was born… Nah, not that idea, this one wasn’t iNSANE at all. I’d rather call it desperate. So I was busy converting some videos

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#0398 – Hello, GitHub!

Egy ideje törtem már a fejem, hogy kellene pár újdonságot tanulni, nézegettem, hogy mik az aktuális buzzword-ök a java és az OpenSource világában… Alakult is pár dolog, nekifeküdtem ilyen-olyan dolgoknak (Maven, Tycho, Spring Framework, Java 7 finomságok, stb), illetve nagyon

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What the …

A die hard coder's blog about basically anything slightly related to programming, gaming, IT, etc. Stuff I've experienced, opinions and rants, written in mostly a caffeine-happy state of mind. Oh, and some articles too...

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